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Welcome to Reclaiming Your Future

Learn from the past

We all make mistakes; it’s what you learn from them that truly matters

Live and love in the present

This is the most difficult aspect of life but it can be achieved

Aim and Hope for the future

Wake up, keep moving and you’ll go forward

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1 month ago 0 4 460

Depression, like a lot of mental illnesses, is a chameleon which can adapt to its owners’ surroundings and is a master of hiding in plain sight.  How many times have we read news articles saying that someone’s suicide was ‘completely unexpected’ and no-one had ‘any idea’ that the sufferer was

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3 months ago 1 7 697

It’s been 8 months now. 8 month since this cruel depressive episode began and it fails to calm. Fails to let up from it’s relentless torture. Fails to allow me to breathe without its heavy weight on my chest and I’m exhausted. But I’m alive. In the physical sense at

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Please don’t leave

6 months ago 3 5 1344

As a depressive, there are many vicious mental cycles we find ourselves in but none more hurtful than the cycle of isolation and abandonment we so very often find ourselves in. When we suffer, we distance ourselves from friends and family; sometimes intentionally and sometimes not.  But in either and both

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Why I won’t be celebrating my 30th birthday

7 months ago 3 3 1390

As the title suggests, it is soon to be my 30th anniversary of arriving on this planet.  June 3rd if you want to get technical.  But I won’t be celebrating.  More specifically, I won’t be going out of my way to celebrate it. It’s a ‘big’ birthday right?  I *should*

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Good news does not always bring good mood

9 months ago 2 5 1533

I often think that, in life, whilst we so very often over-complicate the simple, we also simplify the complicated which can lead to so many confusing emotions and thoughts especially when it comes to depression. But here’s the thing.  When you’re depressed or struggling with anxieties, good news doesn’t really

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I have lost the will to live

10 months ago 1 18 5198

“It’s been four days since I’ve had a shower. Four days since I’ve got dressed. Four days since I’ve been outside. But it’s raining. No one has noticed that I haven’t got dressed or been outside because the weather allows me to hide. Not only allows it but deems it

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Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit - Khalil Gibran

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