#100happy days Week 10

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LogoJPGToday as I write this I can say it has been a good week on the whole.  It’s an entirely different concept to live somewhere instead of travelling even if you are the other side of the world and everyone expects adventures 24/7 but nonetheless, I’ve been here in rural Victoria for two weeks now and I definitely feel at home.  And in the comfort of home I have several things to be grateful for this week…

-Spending my Saturday taking the kids to see Rio 2 and shamefully tucking into a Maccas afterwards (so sue me, the fries were amazing!)

– Grabbing bargains at K-mart when I needed some warm clothes and shoes.

– Going for 3 runs in 4 days; my first time running for weeks so I’m very proud of myself especially when it was pouring with rain!

– Cleaning the house which you can find surprisingly therapeutic when you live with two energetic young boys who like to play lego!

– House training the cat (and slowly winning the war!) and snuggling with her because when she’s a cute cat, she’s uber cute!

– Having my own bedroom which means that when I want my own space in the evening, I have it.

– A couple of days of beautiful weather.

– Good food cooked by my host family’s mum who is a chef by trade – homemade chicken korma and yummy sausage rolls just to name a couple of dishes!

– Leaving my hometown for the first time since arriving and going for a drive around the local area at sunset which showed off rural Victoria in its most beautiful glory!

– Visiting the more insanely beautiful sweet shop I have ever seen – it looked like a cross between a Christmas shop and Honeydukes from Harry Potter…I never wanted to leave!



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