#100happydays project Week 12

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LogoJPGApologies for the twist to last week’s #100happydays summary. I had written out the article with everything I was and ‘should’ have been grateful for but I couldn’t bring myself to post it when I felt so very distraught; it felt dishonest.

I haven’t felt that low since I was at home and it came out of the blue but I have been through enough to know two things that will happen:

I need to ride the wave and allow whatever feelings I have to be felt.

This too shall pass.

And it did. I’m pleased to say that though I went through 10 very difficult days, I am almost back to the old me again.

There isn’t much I recall about last week and the things that I can be grateful for (such a low mode robs you of your memory) so I’ll mention all that I can remember:

– Have an unexpectedly relaxing day at work which I was very grateful for as I feeling very overwhelmed when I was so down.

Going for a 5km bike ride. Never again. The bike I’ve been using is way too uncomfortable for distance!

– Being taken out to dinner by the family that I work for (I live with them and work in their butter factory) to a gorgeous Japanese restaurant. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food so it was nice to try a little of everything.

– Discovering new music.

– Visiting a new town for the first time and finding an incredible all-year-round Christmas shop!

Taking part in a farmers’ market in Melbournewith my boss. Despite needing to leave the house at 4am to get to the city for 7, we had Macca’s hashbrowns for breakfast (I don’t care what anyone says – they’re amazing!) and it wasn’t too cold at the market. It was nice to see how one works and be part of it selling our famous butter and talking about recipes with customers.

– Treating myself to two huge blocks of Cadbury’s chocolate as they were on offer in the supermarket.  Yes I want to lose weight but neither do I want to deny myself a little something either.

– Somehow I hurt my back badly at the beginning of last week. I had managed a 14km fast walk, came home for a shower and suddenly it was gone; a pinched nerve I think so I’m grateful that it’s almost back to normal now. I’m still in a bit of discomfort but it’s eased up which means that after 6 days I’ve finally been able to get back to exercise so in a couple of days I’ve managed to do two 6.5km walks.

Home-made food for dinner including souvlaki and chicken curry – more adventurous eating!

– My new electric blanket – truly welcome in the Victorian Winter.

– Having the most delicious chocolate thick shake of my life. It was so great that I needed a spoon to get through it!

– My boss has now decided to make incredible tasting fudge at work which is great for my tastebuds but bad for my waistline!

– The warmth of the sun on my face.

Today’s article marks 5 weeks since arriving back in Australia and I can’t quite believe how quickly the time has gone by. In some senses it feels as though I have been here for months and in others, just a couple of weeks. I’m hoping the rest of my time here will fly by just as quickly.




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