#100happydays project Week 15

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After some consideration I decided to keep the #100happydays project going for another few weeks whilst I’m still in Victoria and will find another project/challenge when I get back to Sydney.  It seems fitting to end the chapter to coincide with the location.

So I look back on my last week and admit that it’s been a difficult one; one in which I wanted to crawl under the bed covers and hide from the world.  But there are few things I found myself being grateful for this week:

– Warm and sunny weather.  Unlike Sydney which has had torrential rain or even Melbourne which has been cloudy, rural Victoria has had some glorious weather recently.

– Long walks.  I haven’t been up to running much recently (for reasons I will explain in a future article) but I have been able to complete nice, long walks which has done wonders for my head.  Not because it makes me feel any better but because, strangely, it gives me time to think clearly.  To leave my dark thoughts at home and to think of new ideas for posts and directions for this site.

– Deciding to publish a very difficult article and it proving to be one of my most popular articles in just a few days.

– Having my first, regular, blood test and the results coming back as normal.  I’m still having some symptoms which could mean I am rejecting my permanent medication and I’m not quite sure what that means right now but I’m not acutely sick and I feel good about that.

– Movies.  When I’ve been down, there has been no better tonic that cuddling up under my bed covers and relaxing with easy watching.  I’m a sucker for a good children’s movie when I need comfort.

– A lovely brunch at the weekend which involved a gorgeous eggs benedict in a kooky cafe filled with yawn-bombed bicycles.

– Having friends and readers tell me just how much this site and my words mean to them.  It comforts me no end to think that my words can help others even in the smallest of ways.

– Baking gingerbread cookies and chocolate fudge brownies at the weekend helping the boys decorate them.  There is no better tonic than being a kid again when you need it.



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