#100happydays Week 11

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The beginning of this ‘#100happydays’ week started off well. I’d completed another run (making it 3 in 4 days) and I was looking forward to some time off.

Fast forward to this part of the happy days week however and I’m feeling more than a little drained. Work has been challenging recently and I won’t deny that it’s tired me out both physically and emotionally. However, I can still appreciate several good things from this week:

The biggest thing I have to be grateful for this week is that I have finally finished my steroids; after more than 4.5 months on those ugly things, I am more than happy to be done with them. I shouldn’t need to take them again unless I get sick so let’s hope that never happens because I am fed up with the fat face, acne and feeling disgusted with my weight-gain.

– Having the house to myself and being able to play my music nice and loud to sing along to.

– A warm shower when it’s cold outside.

– The postman knowing my name and people acknowledging you when you walk passed them on the street.

– My employers winning a Delicious food award for their butter which is essentially like winning an Academy Award for the food world here in Australia so they’re happy people right now!

– Having a weekend off so finally visiting Melbourne for the first time as it’s only 3.5 hours down the road from where I live. It was a nice enough city but the weather reminded me why I’ll never want to try and live/work there whilst I’m in Australia! However, the best part of visiting the city wasn’t the city itself but catching up with friends. I have several that now call Melbourne home which meant that I didn’t have to explore the city alone.

– I took a free walking tour which my Melburnian friend came along to and proceeded to give me inside tips on top of what the guide was saying (including the most amazing Japanese curry for $7!) and learnt a lot about the relatively young but fast history that Melbourne has.

– I had an authentic Indian curry and a good girly chat with another friend and after 3 weeks in Australia, on Sunday I finally got to see a beach courtesy of another friend. She’s a friend with a difference – I met her last year when she came to a travel talk I did in London for TNT magazine and we kept in touch; something I am very thankful for! The sun also came out for our day at the beach which I was truly grateful about. I’m already looking forward to my next visit.

– Driving home from Melbourne and seeing the most gorgeous, unobstructed view of the supermoon.  It was an incredible golden colour and so large and close to the Earth, I could see its craters with my naked eyes.  Nature and the Universe can be absolutely stunning at times!

– Whilst feeling down it’s been great to cuddle with Nala our kitten and listening to her loud purrs as she cosies up next to me. I forgot how therapeutic animals (and their presence) are despite her still needing some training.

– Watching comforting movies that remind me of home, such as Chicken Run, on my laptop whilst snuggled up in bed.

– This post marks 3 weeks in Australia and I can’t quite believe it. At this rate my 3 months here will be over before I know it which has both its good and bad points like anything in life. However, on the whole I can say that I am extremely lucky. I have landed on my feet with this position and the family/business I am working for and I won’t be forgetting it in a hurry no matter if I struggle some days.


  • Mark


    What a fantastic post. I’m glad to read rather a lot of good things have been happening. The postman even knows your name – is he dishy? It sounds like a great time, but also a time out from all the hectic and terrible events of being so unwell. Great that you are creating some nice memories to look back on one day xx

    • Toni

      Mark – The postman dishy? Yeah right lol. Yes I’ve certainly landed on my feet here and I’m very grateful for that! x

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