#100happydays Week 9

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LogoJPGIt’s been a tiring week as I forgot that it takes me a good couple of weeks to recover from jet lag when I fly this way out into the world but on the whole it’s been a positive one!

Before I talk about this week, however, I want to mention a couple of points I forgot to write about in my last #100happydays update (which I’m blaming on the fact that I moved to the other side of the world!)…

I managed something incredible just before I left the UK. I’ve not written about it before (though I will at some point) but I suffer a degree of post-traumatic stress disorder due to the situations and people surrounding my breakdown a couple of years ago. It means that I struggle to even see the hospital building I used to work in so imagine how anxious and stressed I became every time I had to go there for tests and check-ups after my diagnosis. Long story short, I visited an old colleague for lunch just before I left and whilst we were sat outside on the grass, I decided to go and see some other old colleagues who were at someone’s retirement lunch. That may not sound much to you until I tell you that not only was one of the colleagues one of the people who contributed to my breakdown but I spent 20 minutes in a room just metres away from my old boss who was the entire reason for my problems in the first place. I was tense, felt sick and couldn’t stop shaking but I did it and I’m incredibly proud of myself for that!

Now back to normal service…

I’ve been in Australia for a week already! When did that happen?! I’m not going to lie, the first few days were hard. I was ridiculously hungover with jet lag, the weather was FREEZING (as in my breathe was fog even in the house!) and I had a few big life questions thrown at me by my tired and self-doubting brain but I think (and hope) I’m over the initial shock.

So let’s go into the things I have been grateful for this week:

– The family I’m working for are really nice and my bedroom is cosy but quite big which has helped to ease my anxieties and nerves about moving here because there was nothing better than the day after arriving of being able to unpack knowing I don’t have to touch it again for another 3 months!

– Though I have been working 10 hour days in the factory and looking after the young boys alone, I have been well fed and enjoyed good conversation and laughs with the family I live with.

– Trying, and loving, Thai pork omellette which I was cooked – so delicious!

I got to witness one of the most jaw-dropping sunsets I have ever witness in my life!  It was one of those that makes you question the very essence of being alive!

– Learning new skills.  Power is expensive here so I’ve been learning how to start (and keep) a log fire going.

– Trees filled with red cockatoos and parakeets – which are so colourful to watch and listen to!

We have a 4 month old kitten called Nala which sounds great in principle (and it is when she’s purring in your face and sat on your lap) but she’s not been trained which means she goes to the toilet in the house and attacks you for no reason. However, I am slowly training her to use her litter tray and victory will be mine!

– The sun finally coming out and seeing my surroundings for how beautiful they really are!

– Snuggling up in a warm bedroom at night when it’s so cold outside!



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