What is Reclaiming Your Future?

Mission Statement:

Mental health talk without the bullshit


To make those who suffer with mental illness, and those who support them, feel comforted and less alone in their struggles.

What is Reclaiming Your Future?

Reclaiming Your Future is a website dedicated to helping you feel less alone in your life.  To realise that there are others experiencing mental health issues and that it’s ok if you feel like shit because other people do too!  This isn’t your normal mental health website.  There won’t be messages of vague hope or preaching that exercise will cure everything (though it does help). Reclaiming Your Future is the place you come to when your world feels as though it has ended and you don’t now how to keep going (or even if you want to).

At the moment it’s ‘just’ a website but a powerful one with readers sometimes crediting it and its words with saving their lives. There is a very active and engaging community that supports each other on Facebook and a stream of helpful information and advice on Twitter when times get tough.  There is also have a monthly newsletter full of helpful tips and articles on how you can look after yourself and each other.  You can sign up here.

We live in a world in which we are constantly sold the idea of ‘positive thinking’ as the absolute cure for mental health issues without realising the damage and isolation that can cause for those who suffer and so Reclaiming Your Future was born. Founded as the antithesis of the positive self-help sites, it’s the anti-self-help platform for people to be honest with themselves and say ‘It’s ok’ that they’re suffering because they’re not alone and it doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Since launching, Reclaiming Your Future has sparked honest conversations about mental health through personal stories, raised awareness that we are not alone in our suffering, offered tools on how to cope and curated a non-judgemental community where people are free to share their stories in the hopes it helps each other get through their bad times.

Who’s behind Reclaiming Your Future?

That would be me, Toni.  I’m currently 31 years old and have suffered with depression and anxiety since I was 13 across varying degrees and diagnoses.  I am chronically mentally ill and have attempted to take my own life on several occasions.  However, despite all of my struggles, I have kept full-time jobs, relationships, travelled the world solo and continued to live.  Reclaiming Your Future, for me, is about sharing the brutal side of (my own) mental illnesses to prove that you can achieve great things despite struggling with your mental health.

What does the future hold?

(you mean apart from more mental illness and existential crisis’?!)  On a serious note, I plan to launch products that will become tools to enable us to start and continue those necessary mental health conversations with each other, with the first round focusing on men’s mental health and rolling out to other demographics and mental illnesses at a later stage.

I also plan on offering an employment service where I will go into businesses to share my story and train them on how to create and implement effective mental health policies that will benefit both the employees as well as the employers.  There will be workshops on how to deal with email anxiety for example, difficult colleagues and customers and how to cope with your own mental illness whilst at work.

If you want to one of the first to know what’s going on then don’t forget to check out my social media channels and sign up to my newsletter here.


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