What is Reclaiming Your Future?

A one-stop shop for life advice without the bullshit with particular focus on mental health.

Whether you’re struggling with mental illness or want to be more confident in what you wear or travelling alone, Reclaiming Your Future is here for you.

At its very core it’s about living life, as best as you can, whilst suffering mental health issues.  I wanted to write a site for you. Yes, you. The 20-something guy freaking out because he doesn’t look like a Chippendale dancer. The 40-something woman still feeling lost in life. The ‘everything age’ where you still wonder when you’re going to FEEL like an adult even though age tells you you already are one!

I’m not a medical professional but I AM an expert when it comes to mental health issues because I’ve spent 17 years living with them and if my thoughts and words through situations in my life can help make you feel comforted and help you understands your mind a little better then this site will have done its job and that will, in turn, help me.

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Profile1The found and author of everything you see and read on this site is me, Toni.  A one-woman fucked-up band who has suffered with severe depression and anxiety for 17 years but continues to attempt to live despite it all.

I launched this website in 2014 at a time in my life when I needed it the most, never expecting that I would help so many others along the way but it’s development into something that brings me comfort as it does for the many people who read it.  At the very core I’m just a woman with some goals I’m working towards whilst I suffer with my own mental health issues.  If you need me I’m just an email away at toni[a]reclaimingyourfuture.com


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