I’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredible websites and people since beginning this website.  Below is a list of all the places (other than here) you can find my work around the web:

Huffington Post:

I was part of HuffPo’s Building Modern Men campaign and wrote: Why we continue to love men with mental health issues which you can read here.

Writing for the Young Voices section off HuffPo, I wrote We are not typical.  An article addressed at mental health in adolescents and why their symptoms are anything but that of a typical teenage.  Read it here.

When you’re struggling with mental health issues, living life seems impossible which is why I wrote “I have depression and anxiety and I’m still travelling the world”.  Read it here.

Tiny Buddha:

A few years ago I had a nervous breakdown and whilst it was incredibly difficult to experience, I learnt a lot of important life lessons.  Read “5 lessons from a Breakdown: How to make hard times easier” here

Experiencing mental health issues is hard but so is loving someone who is struggling which is why I wrote “How to be a good friend to someone who is depressed” which you can read here.

Other articles:

Before I was diagnosed with my liver illness, I was experiencing a lot of physical symptoms which is how I ended up unconscious on international TV.  I wrote about my experience for XOJane here.

Whilst it was an incredibly difficult subject, I was honoured to be featured on Jennifer Pastiloff’s website, Manifest Station, with my essay “Letter to my homeless father” which you can read here.

I am not a huge fan of reality TV but neither do I agree with the deluge of negativity against the people on them either which is why I wrote “In defence of Kim Kardashian’ for Thought Catalog which you can read here.


What Christmas is like for people with depression with Huffington Post.  You can read my mention here.