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Depression, like a lot of mental illnesses, is a chameleon which can adapt to its owners’ surroundings and is a master of hiding in plain sight.


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It’s been 8 months now. 8 month since this cruel depressive episode began and it fails to calm. Fails to let up from it’s relentless torture. Fails to allow me to breathe without its heavy …

I have lost the will to live

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“It’s been four days since I’ve had a shower. Four days since I’ve got dressed. Four days since I’ve been outside. But it’s raining. No one has noticed that I haven’t got dressed or been …

When I’m free

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There are not many times in life I can recall where I have been genuinely free of depression because I seemingly transition from one depressive episode to the next in varying severity but when I …

He died

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Although I have a father, I have always considered myself to be from a single parent family which meant that my mum couldn’t come to every assembly or school trip because keeping a roof over …