Don’t wait for the New Year

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LogoJPGIf you’ve been reading my words for a while now you will know that I don’t have a very big social circle. In fact, when it comes to my home town, you could even reduce it and call it a triangle because there are just three of us.

It wasn’t much different as I was younger so you can imagine how crap I would feel at the end of the year when other people had several different New Year invitations to choose from and I would get exactly zero. And yet it was always a time of year that I found difficult regardless of socialising mainly because I don’t understand the New Year.

I don’t understand why we wait for the beginning of a new calendar year to decide to be a new version of ourselves. Why we wait until January 1st before beginning the diet. Trying something new. Or making some future goals that we disguise as resolutions we really have no true intention of keeping.

I don’t understand New Year because I don’t understand why there is such an emphasis on allowing one year to change our lives or at least be the beginning of the change. We should be changing, constantly evolving throughout our lives, not just because a Roman calendar tells us to.

Here’s the thing. January isn’t going to help you lose weight if you’re not ready to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for eating your own weight in chocolate before Christmas lunch and eating healthily afterwards but make the lifestyle change because you want to and are emotionally ready to not just because it’s a social norm otherwise you will fail before you even truly begin.

Resolutions are fine but make them throughout the year because it’s something you believe in not just because the world has declared it a ‘New Year: New You’ situation. If you don’t like something in March, don’t wait 9 months to change it, make the change now.

New Year means nothing to me in the sense that as a highly sensitive person, I am constantly reassessing my life and how I feel about it so I don’t need to cry on New Year’s Eve reflecting on the past year because I’ve been reflecting throughout the year and making necessary changes.

Please don’t make resolutions in the New Year unless you truly believe you can follow through with them because you’ll be setting yourself up for a fall and no-one wants to begin a New Year by letting themselves down. Maybe you don’t have much self-discipline when it comes to giving up something in which case, perhaps cold-turkey-style (pun intended) isn’t the best way for you to change your diet particularly when you’ve still got a bunch of Christmas leftovers in the fridge waiting to be eaten. Maybe you want to start doing something such as reading more books; that’s great! But you still need to be realistic. Don’t be telling yourself you can read a new book a week if you have a full time job, 2 kids, a busy social life and no time to yourself.

But as I said at the beginning of this post; please don’t wait until January 1st to make big or small changes to your life. The date may be the logical beginning but that doesn’t exclude all other 364 days of the year to begin new things, to cut out old things and to change yourself.

At the end of the day (or year if you want to be exact), January 1st is just another day. You don’t need to spend December 31st upset at what you haven’t accomplished and vow to make your life and yourself better the next day.

Just be better throughout the year because you want to not because the date dictates it.


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